Tax Information

2023 Capital Gain and Net Investment Income Distributions

The Meridian Funds announces the following capital gain distributions and net investment income figures for 2023 to assist shareholders with their tax planning strategies.

Capital gains and net investment income distributions for the Meridian Funds were paid on December 21, 2023 to shareholders of record as of December 20, 2023.

The net asset value per share was reduced by the amount of the distribution December 21, 2023. If you reinvest your distributions, you own more shares, but the value of each share was reduced by the amount of the distribution; therefore, your total account value remained unchanged on distribution payment date. Likewise, if your distributions are paid in cash, the value of your shares immediately after the distribution plus cash received was equal to the value of the shares immediately before the distribution.

You should not use these figures for computation of federal and/or state income taxes as you will receive an IRS tax form in early 2024 detailing the taxable portions of any distributions paid to you during 2023.

Please click here for 2023 Final Distributions.

Investment Minimums

Legacy Closed to new Meridian shareholders* $50
Institutional$1,000,000 None
A Share $2,500$50
C Share $2,500$50

Please refer to the prospectus prior to any investment with Meridian Funds and consult with your financial advisor, if applicable. *See Statement of Additional Information (SAI) for limited exceptions. Certain tax-deferred retirement accounts or UGMA/UTMA accounts are subject to a $500 minimum.

New Meridian Investors

You may purchase Meridian Funds directly by downloading an account application or through various financial institutions offering brokerage and financial advisory services to individual investors. Additionally, Meridian Funds may be purchased through a financial advisor.

Direct investments in the Meridian Fund’s legacy share class are only available to existing Meridian shareholders as of 11/14/2013.

Existing Meridian Investors

If you invest in a Meridian Fund through your financial advisor or another financial institution, you may purchase, redeem or exchange shares of the Funds by contacting your advisor or the financial intermediary where you maintain your account.

Meridian legacy share class shareholders may purchase, redeem or exchange shares directly with Meridian Fund, Inc.® on any day the New York Stock Exchange is open for regular trading in the following ways:

By Telephone1-800-446-6662
Regular Mail MERIDIAN FUND, INC.® P.O. Box 534452 Pittsburgh, PA 15253-4452
Express Mail MERIDIAN FUND, INC.® Attn: 534452 500 Ross Street 154-0520 Pittsburgh, PA 15262