Editor Tips

  1. WYSIWYG Editing
    1. use the “Paste as Text” button (last in the row) when pasting from other applications (this avoids the inclusion of superfluous markup)
    2. use the “Formats” dropdown to apply custom colors or other formatting to text
    3. remove existing formats with the “Clear Formatting” button
    4. add a single line break with: Shift + Return
  2. Menu Editing
    1. To add a horizontal line above or below any menu item:
      1. enable CSS classes on menu items (Appearance > Menus > Screen Options > Show advanced menu properties > CSS Classes (ensure it’s checked)
      2. then, for the desired menu item, click the upper right triangle (to expand its options), and enter either “has-divider-after” or “has-divider-before” (without quotes) for the “CSS Classes” option

Development Todos

Completed items have strikethrough.

  1. CMS review 2020-11-17
    1. note re: password reset
    2. review layouts
    3. review navigation menus
    4. note re: Wireframe Notes layouts. these are outdated, but I wasn’t sure if you’d like to keep them around for reference.
    5. images
      1. aspect ratios (related instructions provided in layouts admin)
      2. image prep and file sizes
    6. discuss taxonomies (People layout)
    7. font sizes
      1. the design files use pt units, but I wonder if Fox meant to use px units instead.
      2. pt units are not cross-browser compatible, and they’re meant for print (not web)
      3. reeddesign.co.uk/test/points-pixels.html
      4. css-tricks.com/css-font-size/
    8. CMS roles
      1. compare editor/administrator roles
        1. who should have access to forms, menus, user management, etc?
  2. Frontend QA
    1. Capabilities components: left alignment of the capabilities intro doesn’t match left alignment on subsequent components
    2. Homepage header: taller header for homepage
    3. Homepage header: larger logo for homepage
    4. Fix header navigation (tablet/mobile)
    5. Add footer logo and navigation
    6. Contact forms (fields, styling)
    7. Contact page.
    8. Feedback from Fox
      1. LANDING PAGE:
        1. This header needs to be swapped out for the “taller” homepage header which includes the WELCOME TO ARROWMARK PARTNERS heading. This narrower version is applied to all subsequent pages.
        2. Also, the “foothills” of the mountain graphics need to be moved downward as to not interfere visually with the global nav- right now it looks quite busy and makes it difficult to read.
      2. OUR STORY:
        1. This timeline may ultimately feature 2 cards at a time, versus the 3 shown
          Also as the left/right arrows are pressed, it should advance 2-3 cards at a time, versus the single card that is currently shown.
      3. FIRM FACTS (global comments):
        1. Love the ramp up numbers, looks great!
        2. As with the timeline carousel, advancing left/right should load 2-3 stats at a time, versus the single stat that is currently shown.
      4. FOOTER (global comments):
        1. I see two options which is great- I prefer the top/first version
        2. The light great mountains should be moved down a bit to provide additional white space above the mountains and the bottom of the previous section/component.
        1. The four-sub navigation sections look great and are functioning well
        1. The carousel here will again may ultimately feature 2 cards at a time, versus the 3 shown
        2. I like the collapsable fields under Open Positions
    9.  Layouts
      1. News
        1. remove filters?
      2. Carousel, Timeline, Stats
        1. review and/or replace previous/next arrows (especially on mobile). see designs.
        2. note the (center) starting slide on history
      3. Timeline
        1. pagination dots are extra-pixelated for some reason
      4. People
        1. force full-screen width (background color) on person descriptions. See Team
          1. also consider “Tooltip” style as alternative
      5. Text
        1. Add 2-column formatting for “Specialized Expertise” on the Credit page.
    10. Final browser testing (after Meridian content, charts, and API integration are complete).
  3. Enable revisions (after initial content editing is mostly complete)